Space Oddities

Space Oddities: Episode 10-Odds 'n Ends

August 25, 2022 Joe Cuhaj Season 1 Episode 10
Space Oddities
Space Oddities: Episode 10-Odds 'n Ends
Show Notes

We’ve finally reached the end, the last episode of the Space Oddities Podcast series. 

 On this episode, we’ll take a look at a few more space related marketing ideas, a couple that you may remember from when you were a kid. I’ll also tell you my favorite out-of-this-world space marketing story culled from the pages of my new book, Space Oddities: Forgotten Stories of Mankind’s Exploration of Space.  

By the way, the book is now available at your favorite online (see a few links below to the most popular stores) and your favorite hometown bookstore. 

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Show Notes:  

The Coca Cola Space Can (Image – Smithsonian)
Pepsi Space Can (Image – Smithsonian)
Print ad for Space Food Sticks (Image)
The sweet Slim-Jim like craze of the late 1960s, Space Food Sticks (Video)
AOK Space Food Stick commercial by the PET company (Video)
A “Far Out” Commercial for Space Dust (Video)
A cool Coca Cola Ad (Video)
Pepsi / Challenger Ad (Video)